Adidas Alumni

Over 25% of girls aged 14-17 won’t continue playing sports because they do not see a future in athletics.  We created a campaign that challenged female representation in sports through a mentorship program.


Posters would be placed inside of locker rooms, near recreational areas, and water fountains to inform high school girls about Adidas Alumni sponsored clinics.

Mirror Selfie

A decal mirror would be placed inside the locker room of the partnered high school to encourage app download and social media user-generated content.

Limited Edition Clothing

Sports-wear would be given to our hand-picked alumni and also be available to participants in the sponsored clinics.  


App & Social

Adidas app would be extended, highlighting the alumni feature. As a user, you're able to create an account, follow and learn about female athletes (Adidas Alumni), complete workouts, engage in messages from alumni, and sign up for clinics nearby. 

Co-direction: Benjamin Martinez, Jesenia Duque, Kelsey Veenstra, Ashley Moehlenpah