Adidas Alumni

Co-direction: Jesenia Duque , Benjamin Martinez, Kelsey Veenstra. 


According to Adidas in their 2019 D&AD brief, over 25% of girls aged 14-17 won’t continue playing sports because they do not see a future in athletics. And, by the age of 14, the number of girls that drop out of sports is twice the number of boys that quit. On top of that, the social stigma for girls in sports is extremely negative, which has caused girls to develop mental barriers. Girls also lack role models, particularly female figures in athletics. We want to change that. Watch the video here.


Posters would be placed inside of locker rooms, near recreational areas, and water fountains to inform high school girls about Adidas Alumni sponsored clinics.

Mirror Selfie

A decal mirror would be placed inside the locker room of the partnered high school to encourage app download and more social media publicity.


Limited Edition Clothing

Sports-wear would be given to our hand-picked alumni and also be available to participants in the sponsored clinics.  

App & Social

Adidas app would be extended, highlighting the alumni feature at the top. As a user, you're able to create an account, follow and learn about female athletes (Adidas Alumni), complete workouts, engage in messages from alumni, and sign up for clinics nearby.