Tommy Bahama


In order to bring the Tommy Bahama voice to life, an expressive typographic treatment was chosen. Pops of color and a loud voice was used to create awareness about the various Tommy Bahama items in store and online. Sponsored Instagram posts would promote the new tone of the usual Tommy Bahama shopper. 

Airport Billboard

Typically the Tommy Bahama target audience is 40 year olds and up, world travelers wanting to retire and always dreaming of the sand on their feet. This touchpoint would target this audience who might be on a business trip, reinforcing the idea of the dream destination and the slowed down Tommy lifestyle. 



 Another touchpoint would be at the counter, a small booklet to take with them after entering the store. This would have packing and vacation style tips. Below would be a print ad in a travel magazine such as Condé Nast. 

Art Direction & Copywriting: Ashley Moehlenpah