Indian Motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle's demographic is moving to Gen-Z and Millenials. Most people have a very stereotypical image in their heads of a motorcyclist. We wanted to redefine what it meant, and looked like, to be a biker.


In the first phase of the campaign, an outreach would take place. Focusing on the pre-graduate audience, giveaways would be available at different college functions.



Along with giveaways, we would introduce a petit magazine that would feature information about the products and real stories from real bikers and what riding as you live means to them.


Social & Contest

A series of Instagram posts would be made in order to launch the #NOTDEADYET contest. Users would submit designs for merchandise. The chosen designs would be featured in our next zine, and also at our tattoo parlor.  


Featured items such as merchandise, gallery, and events with more information would be available to browse and purchase. 

Experience & Print

Partnering with Pioneer Works' Second Sunday cultural exhibitions, we would feature free tattoos in exchange for an Instagram post tagging @IndianMotorcycles and #NOTDEADYET. Below are instructional fliers given out at this experience for the purchaser's next steps in attaining a license through Indian Motorcycle.

Co-direction: Natalia Gallego, Shreya Rege, Ashley Moehlenpah