Link by Tile

Using Bluetooth technology and vibrations, Link Jewelry is here to help you leave the after-party with the right people. Introducing the sister brand to Tile, Link.

Print & Package

Creating a business card that promotes downloading the app alongside packaging that would hold the individual link charms. 


We designed an app to encompass the technology of the charm itself. It includes the "Link party" feature where you could connect with your friends' charms.


To further accessibility, we designed a three-page site that includes a home with technological information, a shop, and an experience page which includes a chance to win an exclusive meet and greet with famous artists. 

Pop-Up Experience

Designing a pop-up tent that would be placed at different concert venues and festivals such as Lollapalooza would be a direct opportunity for point-of-sale to reach our target audience.

Co-direction: Dominique Angelo, Ashley Moehlenpah