Song: "Woman Up" by Meghan Trainor

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Photos by Brynne Martin
Femme Fatale
In the late 19th century, the emerging art movement of Symbolism focused primarily on dreams, imagination, and spirituality. Gustave Moreau, a Symbolist painter focused on the ‘femme fatale’ in mythological and Biblical paintings. During this time period the middle class was emerging which enabled women to step out of the homemaking role and to take on new professions. This social shift scared the male population and in turn was reflected in art. In Moreau’s painting titled The Apparition, Salomé stands in elegant pride with the head of John the Baptist floating on a platter.
This portrayal of women threatening the patriarchy with their sexuality, status, worldly desires, and alluring attitude was actually championed by the Femme Fatale character. This character blatantly opposed the French Code Napoléon. At the time, this code categorized women as male property, suppressed, and subordinate. Now, how far we have come.
I want to champion the inner Femme Fatale in all of us through this passion project and give that word a stronger, better, more powerful meaning. Makeup doesn’t only function as day wear, it also functions as art, expression, and simply the epitome of femininity. It is a mask that can be painted on and taken off every day, a moving, breathing canvas that experiences the wear and tear of life, heavily impacted by trends and zeitgeist. The poses are pulled directly from symbolist and femme fatale inspired works. I hope you enjoy, I have been wanting to create this for a while.
Syrup Sandwiches
The greatest thing that life can give you is joy. Here is a video filled with different expressions of enthusiasm, thrill, and freedom. However, it is currently under construction.

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Song: "Lay It On Me (feat. Keiynan Lonsdale)" by Kasbo

Free The Bird
A story of women leaving the cage and confinement of sex trafficking. 
Photography for The Stepping Stones network was done to help sell bracelets with sayings like "set free" to create revenue for their refuge home. This home has now been fully funded and designed to give women and children a safe space after living through sex trafficking. 
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