Teen Vogue & The Case for Her

We turned on the lights to illuminate the taboo topics and misconceptions that women have from sexual education. This data-driven campaign liberates young women's curiosity by giving them a platform to voice their questions.


Polls would gather data for topics on our microsite in an approachable way. Sponsored posts launched to ask the reader why the topic of female pleasure is censored.

Microsite User Experience

It's about time women weren't left in the dark. Here, you can ask questions, say how you feel, and explore all the topics about sexual wellness.

Out of Home

The polls from Instagram and the Microsite data would be live, actively influencing the data of the digital billboards.

Limited Edition Magazine & Card Game

Microsite participants would be able to unlock the limited edition magazine featuring transparency pages and a card game to continue the conversation.

Copywriting: Jenny Seeliger, Anna Propp
Art Direction: Kate Fuller, Fama Ndiaye, Daniela Torres, Ashley Moehlenpah