Trader Joe's

Most people who go into Trader Joe's often overlook the beauty section and don't try the products. We decided to bring awareness to these products by launching the rebrand of Joe's Beauty. 


We created a separate tab for Joe's Beauty products which now includes a blog, newsletter, and top product suggestions.

Aisle Redesign & Promotional

Due to the unknown location of these products, we took over the typical 'sample section' for shoppers to experience the underrated products. Promotional bags were created for brand launch awareness featuring the new logo design.


In place of typical Trader Joe's decoration, we opted for posters outside of the storefront to spark curiosity.


By creating a series of lifestyle and nature-inspired Instagram posts, we invited @tradejoes followers to engage in the all-new Joe's Beauty through Instagram.

Pop-Up Experience

During stressful grocery shopping, we wanted to bring relaxation to the forefront with beauty gurus and samples.

Photography: Brandon Thompson
Copywriting: Dominique Angelo
Art Direction: Ashley Moehlenpah