Trader Joe's


We started with a simple question. How many of us have been to Trader Joe's beauty section? The answer: only a select few. From our research, we found that most people who went into Trader Joe's never saw the beauty section let alone tried the products. We decided to bring awareness to these products by launching Joe's Beauty. 


We created a separate tab for Joe's Beauty products on their existing website which includes a blog, newsletter, and top product suggestions for customers visiting the webpage. 

Aisle Redesign

Due to the unknown location of these products, we decided to take over the typical 'sample section' and create an inviting display for customers to come and experience the underrated products themselves.

Promotional Reusable Bags

To further brand awareness for frequent Trader Joe's shoppers, we decided to make some buzz using a promotional bag.



In place of typical Trader Joe's decoration, we opted for posters outside of the storefront to spark curiosity.


By creating a series of lifestyle and nature-inspired Instagram posts, we invited @tradejoes's followers to engage in the all new Joe's Beauty through Instagram.

YouTube Spot Ads

Three videos meant to tease the viewer about the Joe's Beauty launch.

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Photos by Brandon Thompson
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Co-Direction by Dominique Angelo